The Myth of “I Can’t”

Success is not easy.  If it was, then everybody would be successful.  The biggest reason businesses fail (besides lack of planning) is the entrepreneur’s lack of stamina and persistence.  I may have touched on this in the first post but I’ll repeat it because it’s very important.

When the going gets tough,  entrepreneurs of failed businesses go soft and quit!

The key to success is persistence!  A lot of people start Ventures with the mindset that they’ll give it a try and hope it works out.  Ummm… With that mindset, only pure luck is going to make it work out.  You have to MAKE it work.  Stick with it.  Learn from your mistakes and change your M.O.  Whatever you do,  don’t quit!  You put in a small amount of sweat and tears (sometimes blood too lol) into your dream and at the first sign of trouble you put it down and whine that you tried.  Bullcrap! Don’t confuse “it’s hard”  with “I cant”.

All that being said,  get on the grid!

Be blessed,

As a side note:
It’s got to be your passion.  If you find yourself not wanting to deal with it… A lot… Then you may be on the wrong path.  Find what you love!

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